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The Power of Habits

I've been thinking a lot lately about habits. We have all heard about the power of habits and the need to break bad habits. If you're like me, your first reaction is to roll your eyes. As basic as the topic seems, I think it's incredibly valuable to evaluate your habits.

Habits absolutely do fall into two categories: 1) Bad habits that distract us from achieving our goals and 2) Good habits that help move us towards our goals. We must inventory both types of habits in our life and make crucial adjustments if we want to succeed.

Think about your day from the time you wake up until you go to bed. What do you do when you wake up? Do you check your email, text messages and social media first thing? This habit, while it seems harmless, doesn't move you towards your goal. What if you meditated in the morning to ground yourself? Then perhaps practiced some gratitude to focus on all the great things that you have in your life? Then created a list of the top 2 or 3 most important things to accomplish that day to move you towards your goal? Would these new habits have a big impact on your life? I believe they would!

What do you do throughout your workday? Do you spend countless hours taking breaks or chatting with friends and co-workers? Do you spend lots of time wordsmithing emails to get them perfect? How about building the perfect slide for your presentation? Do these things really create value? What if you created a new set of habits? Remember that list of the top 2 or 3 things to achieve that day? The one you created early in the morning. Pull it out, put your cell phone in the drawer and get hyper-focused on accomplishing those 2 or 3 items. These items will actually move you towards achieving your goals. Do this every single day and watch things transform before your very eyes. You simply won't be the same person a year from now!!

You accomplished your top 2 to 3 goals for the day and are ready to head home for the evening. Do you go home and binge Netflix all night? Meet up with friends for drinks for the 3rd or 4th time that week? Spend hours catching up on Social Media or watching TikTok? All of these are fun in moderation, but none will help you accomplish anything. What if you read a book on a subject that you needed to learn to advance your business? Maybe you work on that next YouTube video that you've been wanting to produce? You could hit the gym and take care of your body or lace up your walking shoes and go for a walk. Would these habits help you succeed? Of course they would!!

Developing powerful habits takes a little effort, but it's totally worth it! I've heard before that doing something 99% of the time is a b!#ch, but doing something 100% of the time is easy. This is the power of habits. Doing something consistently everyday builds muscle memory. It becomes second nature. Doing something a few days a week quickly becomes the thing we cut out when we're too busy or too tired. Change your habits and you'll change your life!

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Rip Tides and Business

I wrote last week about the parallel between vacation and business. While at the beach with my daughter, I saw a warning sign about rip tides. That inspired me to keep with my vacation theme this week. Do you think I'm onto something or am I getting sucked out to sea??

A rip tide is a strong narrow current that heads away from shore out to the ocean. There is a very specific way to get out of a rip tide. If you find yourself caught in a rip tide, you want to swim to your left or to your right. That will afford you the best chance of swimming out of the tide and saving yourself. If you attempt to swim straight to shore, you will only exhaust yourself and get pulled out into the ocean or drown. Swimming to the left or right allows you to work with the problem rather than against it. It's a simple formula, but you have to know it. If not, the results are devastating!!

So, what do rip tides have to do with business? If you're in business for any length of time at all, you will run into problems that can exhaust you if you don't know the formula. These problems may have a very simple formula to solve it. However, we often roll up our sleeves and swim against the current rather than seeking out the formula. We find ourselves further away from a solution after lots of hard and wasted work. If we had just taken the time to seek out a formula, we may have solved our problem quickly and easily.

Why do we do this? Perhaps it's pride. We want to solve the problem on our own. Maybe we're a little too frugal and don't want to pay someone else. It could even be that we simply get so focused on the solving the problem that we don't take that brief moment to look for a better way. Regardless of the reason, we find ourselves being pulled out into the ocean when we could have simply swam to the left or the right and been free. Crazy, right??

Next time you encounter a problem, take some time to see if there is a formula to solve it. It may save you a lot of time and struggle. Heck, it could even save your business. Your time will be well spent and you'll be much less exhausted!!

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Too Much Baggage!

I'm currently packing for a beach vacation with my daughter. While packing, it dawned on me that there is a strange parallel between vacations and business. I don't mean the need to take a vacation from your business. I'm referring to the way we go about preparing for both.

If you're like me, then you tend to over plan and over pack for vacation. I create a long list of everything that I "need" to take on the trip. I also create a detailed itinerary of what we'll do once we get there. I then proceed to spend the entire week before the trip gathering up all this "stuff" and getting organized. Perhaps I'll even go to the store and buy lots of new things that I really need to take with me. I work myself to death over planning. I then get to my destination and I'm exhausted and ready to relax.

What happens next? Inevitably, the vacation doesn't go according to my detailed plan. I quickly make a new plan when I get there and we have a really nice plan. What happened to all of that "stuff" that I packed? I lugged it into my hotel room, unpacked it, NEVER USED MOST OF IT, then packed it back up to come home. It really weighed me down.

How does that craziness relate to business? When launching a business or planning to grow an existing business, we all build a plan. Right? We need a plan to get us pointed in the right direction. Also, just like planning for vacation, we feel like we NEED all sorts of things before we can get started. We feel that we must buy equipment and supplies, we need to attend countless trainings and read several books or perhaps we need lots of new contacts and prospects. My point is that we accumulate lots of baggage before ever getting started. When we actually start the business or begin executing our growth plan, we end up throwing half that baggage out the window. Worse yet, we let it weigh us down and hold us back from moving as fast as possible. Just like me lugging all that luggage into the room when I could have been laying on the beach enjoying the waves and sun!!

It's OK to do some initial preparation, but don't let yourself get caught in the trap of needing to have everything worked out and in perfect order before you start executing your plan. And when you start executing, it's ok to deviate from the plan if needed. Preferably, because your metrics tell you it's time to do so. If you do find yourself with a lot of unnecessary "stuff" that you accumulated, don't let it hold you back. We often feel obligated to do a certain thing or use certain equipment or services because we invested in them. They are SUNK costs. The money is gone forever. If the stuff doesn't serve you, then throw it out and move forward in a more profitable direction. If it helps you to be more comfortable, then think of it as training

Travel light on your business journey. Pack just what you need to get started and pick up the rest on the way. This allows you to get started earlier, learn on your journey and be much more agile when you need to pivot!

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Be Consistent

As many of you know, I'm still in the corporate world. Having one foot in the corporate world and the other in the small business world, I see a lot of contrasts. However, one thing that I see in both places is lack of consistency. That's what I'll talk about today.

To accomplish anything big, you need to create a plan. You also need to set up metrics to measure your plan and know that you're on track. Why would you deviate from the plan unless the measurements tell you that you're off course? I find that baffling, but see it ALL THE TIME.

What I see most is impatience. The leader gets impatient and wants to see results sooner. He or she thinks that changing things around will be just the ticket. Inevitably, the work slows down due to the starts and stops. The leader gets the opposite result. It's normal to want to see results, but you have to trust the process. It's like watching an oak tree grow. You can watch it for a month and see no progress, as oaks grow slowly. You get impatient and decide to dig it up and move it to another part of your yard where there is more sun. What you've really done is disturb the growth process. It'll take even longer to show progress now. Being patient isn't glamorous, but it's highly effective. If you would have followed a growth chart for the oak, you would have known that the process is working as expected. Do the same in your business. Follow your metrics and don't adjust the knobs unless necessary!!

I also see people deviating from their plans because they are influenced by someone else. Perhaps they view the person as an expert...or more of an expert than them. Perhaps they just really respect their opinion. It may even be that the person is just easily swayed. Either way, the plan is thrown out the window and the process gets reset. Progress is lost for no good reason and the leader gets frustrated that it's taking so long to see results. If someone has a different idea, then great. Hear them out. Then review your metrics with them. If you learn that you're measuring the wrong things, then by all means change. Otherwise, stay your course!!

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Celebrating our Independence

I'd like to honor our country's independence this week. For those of you in the United States, this Sunday marks our Independence Day. More commonly called the July 4th holiday. The holiday celebrates the passing of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776. It signifies everything that our country stands for in one day.

Thinking about the unbelievable risk that our founding fathers took when they declared independence is inspiring to me. If the declaration failed, they would all have likely been killed for treason. This country was truly taking a leap of faith by cutting itself off from the immense resources of Great Britain to achieve a new vision of freedom. A truly magical thing if you really think about it!!

We can draw some parallels between the the United States setting out to achieve a vision and our own businesses. Most of us go into business to achieve freedom. Whether it's financial freedom, freedom to choose where and when you work, freedom to take & pick your kids up from school or freedom to be your own boss...we're all choosing freedom. We all have a vision of something grandiose that we simply must go after. And like our founding fathers, we're willing to risk it all in pursuit of the dream!!

Sometimes, while in pursuit of our dreams, we become slaves to our business. This is all too common when things aren't on track. It's precisely these times that we need to celebrate our own independence day (launching our business) and vow to keep pushing forward. Take massive action to break free from the bonds of being controlled by your business. Take the reigns and take control of the situation so that you once again can enjoy that freedom that you so desperately desired when you set out on this journey. Also, just like we celebrate our country's Independence Day each year on July 4th, mark a time on your calendar to celebrate your independence day each year. It's a good reminder of why you started this journey and a motivator to stick with it.

If you are a citizen of the United States, then please take some time to celebrate our Independence Day this Sunday. We have the freedom to start the business we want because those that came before us risked it all! If you need help regaining freedom in your business, don't hesitate to head over to Go sign up for an account or log in to your existing account and start working with someone today. #SaveMyFailingCompany #Freedom #Independence #BigRisks #BigRewards #SaveMyBusiness #GetBusinessHelp

Are you a Lifelong Learner?

Are you a lifelong learner? We live in an age of unprecedented change. New information is created at a staggering rate and much of what we know today may be obsolete tomorrow. Lifelong learning is non-negotiable.

It's easy to get caught up with running your business the way you set it up years ago and not make time to learn. Ask yourself if your business is achieving the goals that you've set? If not, it's time to make some changes. The only way to change is to learn new ways of doing things.

It's imperative that you schedule time each week to learn something new. If you don't schedule it, it won't happen. To get you thinking about it, answer this question. How many books did you read last year? Those murder mysteries and trashy romance novels don't I mean non-fiction books. According to many sources, the averge person read 12 books last year (seems high to me). That means that you'd have to read 12 books yourself just to be AVERAGE. Who wants to be average?

Learning doesn't have to come from books, but that's a great source. You don't even have to buy the book. Just go to your local library and you have access to a wealth of knowledge. Books literally fit on your smartphone, so you can carry them around with you everywhere. Have some time to kill? Read instead of checking social media. Not an avid reader? Most libraries have a massive selection of audiobooks. Download it to your phone and listen during your commute or grab a pair of headphones and take a walk! It'll exercise your body and mind!!

There is a wealth of information of YouTube. You can learn about almost any topic for FREE. The amount of platforms offering free content is staggering. We have access to more knowledge at our fingertips than all previous generations and civilizations combined. Take some time after reading this to go explore.

The key to being a lifelong learning success story is CHANGE. You MUST implement what you've learned. This is what will set you apart from the competition. Who cares if you read 12 or 120 books last year. If you didn't do anything with the information, then you simply wasted your time. That's what most people do. Be the person who takes massive action on what you learn. Regularly applying new techniques to your business will keep it on the leading edge in your industry. You'll be setting the standard for the AVERAGE businesses that try to be your competition.

To put it another way, think about your health. It's far easier to exercise everyday and stay fit than it is to let yourself get 50lbs overweight and have the Dr. tell you you have to lose that 50lbs because you are at serious risk of a heart attack, diabetes, etc. Losing that 50lbs could easily take a year or two of very hard work! Had you simply exercised and ate sensibly every day, it would be a routine and you'd be in great shape! You couldn't imagine living any other way.

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Life throws us curveballs!

Life throws you curveballs. It's not a new concept and we've all heard the saying before. It's been on my mind a lot lately, as it seems that I've been hit with one curveball after another. I'm not special. We all get hit with these curveballs. It's how we handle them that counts.

Just this morning I was planning to work on my SUV. That was until my daughter work up with a really bad sore throat.
Instead of getting a repair done that needed to be completed before we drove to Florida, I'm writing this article from the doctor's office while we wait for test results. This is the most recent in a long chain of setbacks.

The key to moving past these setbacks is to keep moving forward. Do what you can. For me, it was writing this article. I'll have to rearrange some things to fit in the car repair, but it'll get done. Still, I often ask myself why. Why doe these totally random things hit in succession like a barrage of machine gun fire on the battle field?

If you grew up with strong religious faith, then perhaps you believe that it's God testing you to see if you stay the course. Or worse yet, the Devil trying to throw you off course. Either way, it could mean that you're actually on the path to something really great. God wants to bless you abundantly. But, God will only bless you with what you're ready to receive. These curveballs are tests to see if you are faithful enough and ready to recieve these abundant blessings. We can stay the course and keep pushing forward while deflecting everything that's trhown at us, or we can throw our hands in the air and give up. I've done both! When I give up, it's not for long. Once I get focused again, things seems to go a little smoother.

If you're not religious, that's ok. The point still holds true. Just substitute the Universe for God. The Universe will test us to see if what we are working towards (a.k.a. manifesting) is what we truly desire. If we keep moving forward, then we pass the test. Otherwise, the Universe sees that we don't want it badly enough or don't truly believe it can be ours.

So, what's the point in this week's rambling?? lol. My point is that curveballs happen to all of us. Sometimes, it feels like you're standing in front of a fast pitch baseball pitching machine and getting pummeled more so than a curveball. If we dig deep and muster the strength to keep marching forward then we'll come through the other side stronger. More often than not, that breakthrough takes us to the next level somehow. I urge you to stick with it! It'll be worth it soon!!

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Trust you gut??

Do you trust your gut? Weird topic for a business blog, right? I see people get paralyzed when it comes to making major decisions. This is especially true when things aren't going well and the person puts way too much pressure on themselves to make the "right" decision. What happens? Nothing! Paralysis sets in.

I'm not advocating that you should make irresponsible and uninformed decisions. Do your research. Understand the pros and cons of each option. Heck, even sleep on it overnight. The key is trust yourself and trust in a higher power to guide you. Whether that's God, the universe, or some other entity, just trust that you'll receive the wisdom to make the right choice.

Once you've done your homework, take swift action and make a decision and don't look back. You're sending a signal that you're totally confident that the decision was the right one. Even if it seems like you make a terrible decision, trust the process. Sometimes, things fall apart right before you achieve a breakthrough. If you didn't make that "bad" decision, the things that had to "fall apart" wouldn't have happened and the next door wouldn't have opened. If it was a great decision, then thank your higher power for the guidance and learn to trust it with every major decision. Either way, don't hesitate and over-analyze the options to the point of doing nothing. That never works out in the long run.

Trusting your gut doesn't just apply to making decisions with a high degree of uncertainty. Have you ever felt pressure by someone to do, say or buy something that just didn't feel right? That feeling is your gut, or your higher power, telling you to stop and turn back. We've all ignored our gut and immediately regretted it. Next time you're being pressured and you have that feeling, simply respond with "No, thank you." No explanation needed. You're in charge of your decisions and people need to learn to respect that!!

Business doesn't have to be as complicated as we tend to make it. It's almost like we are driven to make it complicated to justify our existence or to feel like we're somehow beating the competition. Trusting your gut can take you a long way without lots of meetings, complicated spreadsheets, decision trees, etc. There is a time a place for those things, but if you need them for every decision, then you're making it too hard. Simplify, listen to your gut and take action. The more you do the more accurate you'll become. Just like exercising a muscle makes is stronger, exercising you intuition makes it more reliable.

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Who's in your corner?

I wrote last week about building your team, then trusting your team. Go back and read it if you haven't done so. This week's post is a follow on to that one. Let's explore who's in your corner.

When you build our team you're focus on business performance. What about your personal performance? How do you keep going day after day when things are tough? Who inspires you to strive for greatness? To go after your dreams, no matter how audacious they may sound? You need someone in your corner to support you & cheer you on!

If you're old enough, then you've probably heard the saying "behind every great man is a great woman." This saying may be a little dated today and probably even politically / socially incorrect by today's standards, but the idea still holds true. Many successful business owners attribute at least part of their success to their husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other. That person that believed in them when no one else did. Their biggest cheerleader. We all need a person like that. Who's in your corner?

The person in your corner doesn't have to be in a romantic relationship with you. It can be a parent, sibling, cousin, aunt or uncle, grandparent, best friend, etc. It's that person you turn to when you need to talk about the things on your mind that you'd never tell anyone else. For some reason, we feel comfortable confiding in this person with personal problems, but feel uncomfortable doing so when it comes to our businesses. Perhaps it's pride, embarrassment, or ego? Perhaps you don't want them to worry because their livelihood is dependent on your success? Maybe its another reason all together? Regardless of the reason, they are left in the dark and you are left holding the weight of the world on your shoulders! That's not healthy!!

What if you told them today what's going on? Imagine doing that and they simply hugged you and said that they are with you no matter the outcome. That they believed in you 100% and were there to help you succeed and turn your business around? How would that make you feel? Imaging the weight being lifted off of your shoulders and chest? Can you breathe easier? Walk a little lighter? Do you feel like the impossible just may be possible now? That's a great feeling and a tremendous motivator!!

No imagine this! You can think a little more clearly now and you two start brainstorming on ways to address the problems that your business is facing. She / he gives you some great ideas and you get super excited! Now, you're true partners in this adventure! Never discount the ideas of someone who cares about you. You were meant to hear them. Perhaps God gave them the idea because that's the only way you'd consider it??

If you don't have someone in your corner, then I encourage you today to reach out to someone and start cultivating that relationship. It's super important for your mental health, your relationship with that person and for your business! It may feel uncomfortable at first. Don't quit. Share with them how difficult it is for you to talk about your business problems. If they care about you, then they will do their best to make you feel comfortable and listen without judgement. You'll probably wish you opened up a long time ago!!

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Build your team then trust your team!

I'm sure we've all heard the phrase "get the right people on the bus." The phrase refers to building your team. You have to have the right team members / employees to make things run like clockwork. You may be saying to yourself that you've already done that. I now ask you truly trust them? What??? Read on....

It doesn't matter if you're in the corporate world with 10s or 100s of employees under your leadership or running a small business with just a few employees. Human behavior is the same. Leaders go to great lengths to hire the best people they can find for the job. Then, they don't actually trust them to do that job. Perhaps the leader will allow the employee to do their job their way while things are going well. However, as soon as things get bumpy, the leader's instincts kick in and he or she takes over. This helps NOTHING!!

As a leader, you must remember that you hired a person for a specific job because you were spread too thin and needed help or he/she was better at that job than you are. Let that sink in for a second....good! Now, ask yourself if you have ever felt like an employee's tasks weren't going well. Did you have an honest conversation with them and talk it out? If so, congrats! You're in the minority. Perhaps you started giving "suggestions" to him or her on how to do things differently? Maybe you even explicitly told them what to do, how to do it and when? That's more common and leads to disaster!

You have to rely on your team. This is especially important if your company is struggling. Each team member brings unique ideas and skills that can be leveraged. I realize that your business is your baby and it's natural to feel like you can perform every function better than anyone that you hire. Take 5 slow deep breaths and sit down for this. YOU CAN'T. Best case scenario is that you'll get luck and actually do that task to your satisfaction one time while other things that you should be focusing on go unattended. Worst case scenario is that you fail miserable too, you completely disengage your employee and may eventually lose him or her to to your competition.

Think about this scenario. You're business is highly successful, you're fast on your way to being a billionaire and you have a private jet. One day you're flying to your vacation home and you hit terrible turbulence. You used to be great at flying small twin engines planes. You have two choices to make. First choice: You run to the cockpit and tell the pilot, who is your employee, to move over so you can take over...and probably crash the plane. Second choice: You trust your pilot even though the flight isn't going as smoothly as you like. You arrive at you're destination safely and get to enjoy a beverage of your choice on the beach as you watch the sunset. What's the smarter choice? Congrats if you chose the second scenario. Now, keep this in mind next time something isn't going as well as you'd like. Ensure that your employee clearly understands expectations and trust her or him to do the job better than you can. Double down on this when your company is struggling. You have bigger things to focus on!!

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When was the last time you felt truly grateful?

I'm posting this week's blog entry a little early because I'm going camping this weekend and won't have access to the internet. The topic this week is gratitude. You're probably asking yourself what the heck gratitude has to do with saving your struggling business! I suggest way more than most think!! Read on if you dare...

When we feel grateful for something, we tend to have a higher level of energy. We just feel better. Our outlook is better too. Often times, this great feeling tends to create a domino effect. We are happier so we treat others better. In turn, they are happier. We also tend to see more good things happening for us. Sometimes these are truly new great things that have blessed us when we needed it. Other times, it's simply us noticing all of the great things in our life that have always been there!

We tend to get so caught up in achieving the next level of success, or solving the next problem, that we completely ignore all of the great things in our lives. Many people would love to have a business of their own, and here you are running one! Maybe it's not where you need it to be right now, but that's temporary. You made it! You've succeeded far beyond most people who never start the business or never take the actions necessary to turn it into a viable operation. There is so much to be grateful for in life, and when we focus on those things our problems don't seem so bleak. Maybe they even seem miniscule!!

If you're reading this post, then God woke you up this morning. He's not done with you. His plans for you are far greater than you could ever imagine. Be grateful for that! Perhaps his plans don't include your current business? If not, be grateful in knowing that his plans are probably far greater than your current business. Also, were you lucky enough to wake up, get out of bed and walk to the bathroom on your own two feet? If so, be grateful for that. Some people would give their life fortune to be able to walk. Are you in great health? Thank God for that. Many are struggling just to make it through the day while drowning in medical bills. It's all about perspective. Being grateful for these amazing things in your life eases your mind and allows you to think more clearly about solutions!

Being grateful is good for business, too! Your customers, just like you, love to feel appreciated. If your constantly telling your customers how much you appreciate them, who are they going to think of when they need additional goods or service that you offer. I don't mean fake gratitude that a even a trained monkey can spot. I mean truly expressing appreciation that they chose you to do business with. They may have had dozens or even hundreds of other choices. They trusted you. And you benefitted from that choice. Tell them just how much it means to you and watch their expression. It'll mean something to them.

Showing gratitude to your suppliers is just as critical. You couldn't offer the products or services that you do without all the hard work they do! Tell them! Show them that you truly mean it! Do it often. Weekly if necessary. You're building a real relationship. People have each others back in a real relationship. When your supplier is ready to release new and improved goods and services, who do you think they'll want to give exclusive early access to? The jerk who is constantly pointing out how bad they are? Of course not!! The person who is great to work with and appreciates them will get that exclusive deal. Be that person!!

Being grateful doesn't magically solve your business problems, but it does create an atmosphere that's more conducive to doing just that! We're all a product of our environments. A happy, positive and grateful environment begets more reasons to be happy, positive and grateful. A sad, depressed and hostile environment breeds more anger, depression and hostility. You choose!

Now is time to go show some gratitude to those solution providers that are waiting to help you over at Go sign up for an account or log in to your existing account and start working with one of them today. You'll soon have more things to be grateful for as a result of taking that action!!

Focus on the big picture

My past posts have been focused on the customer and your back office. This week I'll be sharing my thoughts on working with your suppliers. You'll probably see some similarities with other posts, so go back and read them :-).

I've spent a lot of the time in the corporate world working for a very large company. We used external consulting firms ALOT! I saw a common pattern. We had a need to get something done that required outside expertise. Inevitably, the selection of a vendor and the subsequent contract negotiations always focused on cost as a primary factor. Often times, the cheapest vendor won the deal and the results were subpar. It's natural to focus on cost. We all want the best deal. However, there are other factors that need to be considered.

You see, if you're working with your suppliers, whether a consultant or a materials provider, you have an end goal. Your goal is not to get the widget for the cheapest price. Your goal is to exceed your customer's need with your unique product or service and wow them. You want to create huge value for them. The widget is just a means to an end. In turn, you should be focused on the VALUE created by YOUR suppliers. Perhaps, it's worth 2x their price when you consider the massive value that you create for your customers exactly when they need that value the most!

I encourage your to evaluate your relationships with your suppliers. Are you pressuring them for the lowest cost? Has your relationships degraded over time? Consider negotiating with total value in mind. You can give your suppliers a little more and everyone still wins. I'm not saying to agree to an unfair deal, as both parties need to benefit. But, focus on a long-term relationship with your suppliers in a manner where you both maximize value. It's a mindset change that can reap big rewards! Worth trying, isn't it??

As always, there are solution providers waiting to help you over at I encourage you to sign up or log in to your account today and connect. See where your business can go over the rest of 2021. Maybe it'll be your best year ever!

Take massive action

If you've read my past posts, then you've taken a break to recharge, refocused on the basics of business and rediscovered your passion with your business. Or, at least you're working on all of these things. Today's post is about taking massive action!

You should be energized after taking a short break. Now, let's put that energy to good use. It's easy to slow down, or even get complacent, in business after you've gotten established. Here's a little secret...your competition hasn't slowed down. What happens when you don't drive your business growth as aggressively as you did when you were starting out and your competition does? You guessed it! You get left behind. Not a good thing!!

If your business is struggling right now or you aren't achieving the growth that you'd like, then it's time to take a good hard look at yourself and your business. Process people call this a current state analysis. Look at your list of to-dos and see how many you can knock off in a day, week, month. I'm not talking about just any to-do item. Don't worry about organizing your desk...again. Forget about tweaking the wording on your website. Ignore that lunch date with your old buddy. Focus on the things that really matter. Go back and re-read my post on getting back to the basics if you need to.

So, what matters? What can you do today, like right now, that will generate a sale or move you closer to a sale? Which prospects can you call? How many do you call in a day? If you normally call 10 prospects in a day, then set a goal to call 20 each day. Which prospects can you email? Call them, then email them, then text them if necessary. Be relentless!
Let them know that you aren't going away because they absolutely NEED your product or service and you're going to help them get it! You're not giving up on them!!

How many of your non-customers have you contacted? You're probably saying this guy as lost his mind! Let me explain. If a prospect shows interest in your product or service but doesn't buy, have you asked why? If he or she came into your store in person and chose to walk out the door, did someone stop them and request a brief survey on how you could make the buying experience better? If they are an online prospect, did you present a survey when they chose to leave the site and ask for their feedback? This is a goldmine of information and you may just convert a few of these non-customers into paying customers! Who doesn't want that?

Are you advertising enough? Go all in and double your advertising efforts for the next month. What can you do to make your name ubiquitous with your industry. When people think about the products or services offered by your industry, what needs to happen to make them think of your name and face? Go all in!! It may cost a lot but sometimes you gotta spend money that you "don't have" to see the results. Once you're all in, monitor you metrics like you're looking for the winning lotto numbers. Is your conversion rate going up? Tweak the sales pitch until it does! Stick with it!!

Are you saying yes enough? Try saying yes to any opportunity that comes up that will allow you to promote your business or drive name and brand recognition. Are there local business groups that have been asking you to join? Say yes (at least as a guest). Are there trade shows that you avoid like the plague? Say yes and sell your business like your life depends on it...because it does! Can you be on a local TV talk show or radio program? Go for it. If you haven't been offered a spot, then make a phone call today and ask for one. These media companies are always looking for fresh content. Imagine how many new prospects you may reach!!

Basically, I'm telling you to grab that extra cup of coffee / tea / beverage of choice, roll your sleeves up and get to work like you did when you were just starting out. Then, don't stop. Push forward with a level of intensity that you competition simply can't keep up with. Watch them give up as you succeed!

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Time to recharge?

Happy Derby Day, y'all!! If you're from Kentuckiana, then you know that the Kentucky Derby is like Christmas around here! In the true spirit of the Derby, today's post will be quick...just like the horse race!!

It's times like today that remind me of the importance of taking time to recharge. Sometimes, especially when times are bad, we get so consumed with our business that it becomes our life. We quickly forget that our business is supposed to enable our life...not be our life. It's hard to do, but even when things seem to be falling apart it's important to take some time to recharge. Spend time with friends & family or simply walk away and do something completely unrelated to work. It's amazing how many great ideas can come to you when your mind is freed up and open to receiving them. Plus, taking that break will energize you to tackle those business problems with a new level of vigor, patience and a clear mind. All good things. So, if you're starting to developing imaginary friends in your office because you spend so much time there, please take a break. It'll pay dividends!

Let someone else help you with particular aspects of your business that aren't where you want them to be right now. Go over to and either create an account or log in to your existing account to start connecting with businesses waiting to help you. Go now, then close that laptop or turn off the iPad and take a break! You deserve it!!

What's your excuse?

I was talking with my daughter this morning about the excuses that we make that keep us from accomplishing the things that we really want to accomplish in life. I decided to make that the topic of this week's blog post.

I believe that we ALL make excuses that stop of from doing things. Maybe you're too busy with work to workout and take care of your health. Perhaps, you're taking care of family and can't quite your day job, so why try to start a business? Perhaps you don't want to visit your in-laws, so you're not feeling well and need to stay home?? They're all excuses. The key is to acknowledge them and understand the driving force behind the excuse.

Understanding the root cause of the excuse will help us to move forward. Perhaps the driving force behind the excuse is that the task is something that simply isn't worth your time and you need to learn to delegate or say no. Perhaps, you're not confident enough to take action and it is fear of failure holding you back. Perhaps, it's simply being stuck in a comfort zone and complacency has set in. You're doing OK, so why rock the boat?? It's vital that we identify and uncover our excuses to move to the next level in our business.

I challenge you to put some serious thought into the current problems that you're facing in your business. Think about the past conversations that you've had with friends, families, business partners, etc. about why you're struggling? Can you separate the facts from the excuse? The facts will be hard to debate AND will be easier to make a plan to address. The excuses will feel a little squishy. Once you identify the excuse, spend some examining the why behind the excuse and write it down. Then resolve to eliminate the excuse. Make a list of as many ways to take immediate action as possible, then review and prioritize the list. Now, go get started. Do something today to break the excuse!!

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